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Ink-tense Showdown: Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024 - Gear Up and Splat On!

Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024 Banner

Hey there, fellow inklings! Get ready to splat your way to victory because the Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024 is just around the corner, and it's going to be ink-redible! 🎮🌟

We're talking two days jam-packed with epic battles and some seriously fresh gear to boot! And speaking of gear, we've got an exclusive event-themed Splashtag banner just for you. Show your support and snag it now by scanning the QR code via SplatNet 3 in the Nintendo Switch Online app. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this snazzy swag!

Now, let's dive into the deets of the tournament, shall we?

Important Reminders:

The championship begins in just one week, so mark your calendars and get hyped!

Show your support by equipping the event-themed Splashtag banner, available via QR code scan on SplatNet 3 in the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024 Details:

  • Location: Japan

  • Dates: April 13th and 14th

  • Tournament Format: Competitive and intense, featuring invited teams from around the globe.

Tournament Structure:

  • Day 1: Round-Robin Split Teams divided into 2 groups for round-robin matches.

  • Day 2: Single-Elimination Bracket Teams battle it out in a nail-biting bracket, with seeding based on Day 1 results.

Tournament Guidelines:

General Rules:

  1. Weapons and gear must be selected from available options the day before the tournament.

  2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (wired connection) is the controller of choice.

  3. Amiibo usage is permitted, with gear abilities fully reset.

  4. Option settings, including camera settings, may be adjusted.

  5. Match Settings:

  6. Reset options are enabled, with color lock set to on.

  7. Matches will be played on the latest version of Splatoon 3 available one day before the tournament. Language: English

****Voice chat is available for team communication.

Show your support and equip this snazzy event-themed Splashtag banner!

You can claim it by scanning this QR code via SplatNet 3 in the Nintendo Switch Online app.


  • Only weapons and gear available for purchase at the shop are allowed, though all amiibo weapons and gear are permitted.

  • Main gear abilities are the focus, with a maximum setup time of 90 seconds.

  • Gyro sensor and camera sensitivity settings will reset to default for each match.

Day 1: Round-Robin Matches:

  • Mode: Turf War

  • Match Format: Best-of-3


  • Scorch Gorge

  • Eeltail Alley

  • Hagglefish Market

  • Undertow Spillway

  • Mincemeat Metalworks

  • Robo ROM-en

  • Bluefin Depot

  • Marlin Airport

Day 2: Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Final:

  • Modes: Anarchy Battle and Turf War

  • Match Formats: Best-of-5 for Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, Best-of-7 for the Final

Maps: A variety of exciting stages for each mode, providing diverse gameplay experiences.

Get ready to witness some of the most thrilling ink-slinging action yet as teams battle it out for glory at the Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024. With intense matches, strategic gameplay, and a vibrant community, this is one event you won't want to miss! 🐙💥 #Splatoon3 #WorldChampionship2024 #InkTasticShowdown #GearUpAndSplatOn

Disclaimer: This blog and its content are not affiliated with or sponsored by Nintendo or Splatoon™. All opinions expressed are our own.

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