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About Splatoon Central

Splatoon Central is the ultimate destination for everything Splatoon. We are dedicated to providing the latest news, insightful reviews, captivating hands-on videos, and exclusive insights into the game Splatoon. Our mission is to celebrate the adventures, uncover hidden secrets, and equip our readers with the tools to dominate the battlefield. Whether you're an experienced player or new to the game, Splatoon Central covers everything you need to stay ahead in the world of Splatoon. Join us on our journey to explore the exciting and colorful world of Splatoon!

Nicolai Andresen


Nicolai Andresen and BRaNz are two of the biggest Splatoon streamers and influencers in the community. Together, they bring years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to Splatoon Central. Their content ranges from gameplay tips and tricks, to weapon and gear reviews, and much more. Nicolai and BRaNz are dedicated to helping players of all skill levels improve and have fun in the world of Splatoon.

Hideo Horiuchi


Hideo Horiuchi and Floosha are two of the most talented Splatoon players in the world. They have competed in countless tournaments and have won numerous championships. Their expertise in the game is unmatched, and their gameplay is a joy to watch. Hideo and Floosha are an integral part of the Splatoon Central team, and their contributions are invaluable.

Erika Holzman


Erika Holzman and Dragen are two of the most creative and talented Splatoon artists in the community. Their artwork and designs are inspired by the colorful and vibrant world of Splatoon. They have created countless pieces of fan art, and their work has been featured in various Splatoon events and competitions. Erika and Dragen bring a unique and artistic perspective to Splatoon Central, and their creativity knows no bounds.

Scotty Kim


Scotty Kim and Crushd are two of the most entertaining and engaging Splatoon content creators on the internet. Their videos and streams are full of humor and personality, and they never fail to entertain. Scotty and Crushd are dedicated to bringing joy and laughter to the Splatoon community, and their positivity is infectious.

Steffen Hueber


Steffen Hueber and Siggy are two of the most knowledgeable and insightful Splatoon analysts in the community. They have a deep understanding of the game mechanics, strategies, and meta, and their analysis is always spot-on. Steffen and Siggy are dedicated to helping players understand the game better and improve their gameplay. Their contributions to Splatoon Central are invaluable.

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